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How to Claim Bybit $500 Airdrop

BTCUSDT Perpetual
Airdrop IncomingClaim Your 500 USDT Position*
How does the Airdrop work?
After you have claimed the free position for BTCUSDT Perpetual Contract, you will receive an Airdrop reward ($10 bonus in USDT), and find the market buy/sell order with 50X leverage under isolated margin for the BTCUSDT Perpetual Contract with an order value of about 500 USDT.
How do I view my claimed position?
Once claimed, your position can be viewed immediately under the BTCUSDT Perpetual Contract trading page.
How do I use my claimed position?
Once claimed, you can set TP/SL for the position, add more position(s), or close the claimed position as you see fit. If you’ve made a profit, all realized profit plus the Airdrop reward will be credited back to your Derivatives Account as cash and bonus, respectively. If your airdrop position incurs a loss, the maximum loss you may incur is the Airdrop reward, while the residual margin (if any) will be credited back to your Derivatives Account as bonus. Please note that the bonus can be used as margin, but cannot be withdrawn.
Why am I unable to view my claimed position?
Your market buy order may have failed to be successfully placed. If you’re unable to view the claimed position, you can manually place a market buy order. Your Airdrop reward can be viewed under “bonus” in your “Derivatives Account”.

*Bybit reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

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