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CoinFlip launches new self-custodial coin flip wallet

CoinFlip, a bitcoin ATM and crypto services company, announced today a new offering with the launch of ‘Olliv,’ a self-custody-powered crypto platform.

The Olliv platform provides a frictionless way to buy, sell, send, receive, and swap cryptocurrency securely stored on a self-custodial wallet, removing the uncertainty of unknown third-party custodians.

By leveraging CoinFlip’s existing network of crypto ATMs, Olliv will bridge the gap between the company’s physical products, expanding its ecosystem.

Amongst its suite of services, Olliv features an intuitive interface for secure transactions and state-of-the-art encryption. Olliv also offers 24/7 live customer service and provides educational resources.

Recent developments at CoinFlip have seen the company nearly doubling its headcount and expanding its ATM presence to Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia. The company’s 2022 revenue exceeded $100 million and its team is projected to grow by 23% by the end of 2023.

Olliv is now available in the United States and Puerto Rico, except for Alaska, Iowa, New York, Oregon, Nevada, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Vermont with intentions to expand in accordance with regulations.

Users can download the app on Google Play or the App Store.

Coin flip wallet

We get it, crypto can be confusing. Exchanges can be tricky, time-consuming, or just plain expensive. That’s why we’re here—to simplify the buying-and-selling process, and help you tap into a transformative asset class to build financial security and sovereignty. Using a nearby CoinFlip or Olliv ATM, you can buy bitcoin and other popular coins with cash. All you need is a phone number, full name, and digital wallet, and you’re ready to tap into the digital economy while on-the-go, receiving your funds directly into your account in minutes. We’re all about ease of use, accessibility, and transparency. And if you run into any questions, our 24/7, award-winning customer support is always here to help. Fast, secure, simple–it’s crypto for Olliv Us.


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