I have gotten many messages from newbies regarding how they can make money online from crypto,  there are many ways you can make money from crypto but I will be giving a short review of a website I came across 2015 . is a genuine crypto gambling site for the gamble lovers where you can earn a lot of money playing game or in qoute (“doing what you love”), has been paying ever since its inception  (may 2014) , you can play up to seven games which includes Dice, Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko and Lottery.

Mode of payment: Here are the coins in which you can make deposits and withdrawal on

Bitcoin, play money, monero, litecoin, dogecoin, ethereum, grid coin, dash, Peer coin, neoGas and stratis.

Other features of

High faucet payout : starting at 500 Statoshi up to 20,500 Satoshi every 3 minutes.

Low house edge: I find their operation and practice reasonable. Here is a list of what their house edges look like for individual games:

• 0.8% – dice
• 1.253% – blackjack
• Negative house edge of 1% – lottery (players receive 1% more)
• 2.7% – roulette
• 1.97% – slot
• 2.1% – Video Poker
• 1.7% plinko

Over 1.6 Billion bets:  there have been serious activities going on at   with over 1.6 Billion bets since 2014.

Best paying referral program: you also get a good commission for every person you refer to, which is a 25% of the house edge of every bet made by anyone you refer. This amount is automatically added to your balance regardless of whether the game was won or losed.

Advanced autobot betting on dice: with this feature you are open to a wide range of possibilities for every dice you spin.

Deposits: just one confirmation is needed for every deposit you make in other for your balance to reflect.

Instant withdrawals: once your deposit is confirmed, you have instant access to make withdrawals.

Up to 30 BTC win amount per single bet:  on Dice game is 8 BTC, up to 30 BTC win per single bet on Video Poker game.  You can walk away with as much as that.

Security: all accounts are secured with email, password, and 2FA. Also, withdrawals must be verified with an email confirmation.

Wagering contest: 4 players on BTC, LTC, and ETH who wager the most in every month receive rewards. Yea people get rewarded for their high bets. Also, 10 players who wager the most in every month on BTC, DOGE, LTC and ETH receives a total of 6000 Lottery tickets.

Inbuilt exchange: you can actually exchange coins for fiat or other Cryptocurrencies on, without having to visit any exchange site.

The website is very reliable, fast and also secured , for more information visit

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